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Just did some work for Ubiq’s new lookbook for Converse! 



Cuttlefish, Ink

Been a while but check out my new collaborative project 52KREATURS


Dogs, Tuesday 9.18.12


A taste of what’s going on in my weekly series blog



Monday 9.10.12

Ink on Paper

I am trying something new out: Weeklong series.  5 drawings a week on a changing theme.  They will not always look great or be super smart or super pretty but they will surely shed some light on humanity and stuff.  Workweek/Weekday

always want to paint rosy bottoms. 

ink, watercolor. sketchbook. 

untitled, digital, 2012

Fishin’, digital, 2012

ink, hand-lettering, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lindsay! 

watercolor & love, 2012

Me, on the beach.  

digital repeat, 2012